LIFE Groups

"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another." - Proverbs 27:17

LIFE Groups are designed to help Christ followers learn, intercede, fellowship, and engage in our mission.

For more information contact Jim Hodson.

FBC Durant Life Group Prayer Morning Sunday, May 17, 2020

We are looking forward to the possibility of our church meeting together for worship on Sunday, May 31. In preparation for this day, we are inviting our Life Groups to come to the building this Sunday to spend a few minutes in prayer.

Each Life Group will be assigned a location in the building to meet and a parking area designated near their meeting site. This prayer time will be spread out of 4 hours to minimize the number of people in the building at a time. We ask that you observe physical distance and wear any protective items that will make you comfortable. We will make hand sanitizer available at each location. There will be plenty of seating at each site to allow groups to spread out appropriately.

The prayer time will last about 25 minutes. This time frame allows for plenty of time for sanitizing between each group and minimizing contact at entrances and in the parking area. Please do not arrive too early. Five minutes before the prayer time begins for your group should be enough.

For those who are concerned or might be in the high-risk category for this virus and prefer to pray from home. The prayer list is available on the First Baptist Church’s website, Facebook page, and Realm. Please call the church office if you have any additional questions.

Time Life Group Location Parking Area
9 am Adult 4 Student Worship Center North Parking Lot
9 am Adult 3 Family Life Center FLC Parking and 2nd St
9 am Adult 6 Chapel Square and Bank
10 am Adult 5 Student Worship Center North Parking Lot
10 am Chapel Class Family Life Center FLC Parking and 2nd St
10 am Adult 8 Chapel Square and Bank
11 am Adult 10 Student Worship Center North Parking Lot
11 am Adult 7 Family Life Center FLC Parking and 2nd St
11 am Adult 1 Chapel Square and Bank
12 pm Adult 9 Student Worship Center North Parking Lot
*Adult 2, Adult 13, and Singles II will be praying at home